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  Welcome to the San Fernando Valley Bicycle Club website. We are a multi-level, endurance road bike club with about 500 members. We offer a variety of rides every Saturday and Sunday, and if you're visiting LA and happen to have your bike along, we offer some of the best riding in SoCal. Please come out and join us.
-Randy Lawrence, Ride Director 
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March 7 - Thousand Oaks - A fun and popular ride that begs the question, who is counting those oaks?

March 8 and 22 - The Compagni Group ride. Join us in our new twice monthly group ride. This is a moderate paced, leader lead, no drop ride. More details on our rides page.

March 21 - Big Sky Loop - A new ride. Ride through Big Sky and return through Agoura.

March 22 - Fargo Fight or Flight - Watch the carnage as riders try and tackle the steepest hill in LA.

March 22 - CICLAVIA in the SFV - The popular CICLAVA ride is coming to the Valley.

April 11 – 4 County Ride – This is one of the greatest rides on SoCal. It's a difficult and remote ride with very little support (bring extra bottles or a hydration pack). If you are a strong ride you must do this ride.

April 12 and 26 - The Compagni Group ride. Join us in our new twice monthly group ride. This is a moderate paced, leader lead, no drop ride. More details on our rides page.

April 18 – Forget It Lew, It's Chinatown – This was one of our best rides in 2014. We had a HUGH turnout. After a break at the world famous, Philippe The Original, We'll add a small detour to the Angelino Heights neighbor to view some of the oldest Victorian homes on LA.

- RandyUnclipped
In this blog, our Ride Director offers a glimpse into his cycling stream of consciousness.

Compagni - Gelsons'sHANUKKAH IN SANTA MONICA Sure it gets a little chilly in SoCal in the "winter", but cyclists here roll on their armwarmers, legwarmers, and fingertipwarmers, and they're just fine - until they have to climb Mt. Sepulveda, then all the accessories come off. Here Neil Bernstein, Caren Lieberman, Joseph Nemec, Jory Gorcey, and Carl Wurtz pose on the Santa Monica Pier midway through a pleasant Sunday excursion. Photo: Some Obliging Tourist
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    What's coming up in the way of longer, organized rides - centuries, randonees, & bike tours - in the southwestern U.S.? Check out the Western States Bicycle Ride Calendar for latest info.

ENTER TO WIN Do you take ride photos or have a great biking story to share? Send 'em in! You could win the most important prize of all - the respect and admiration of your fellow cyclists!
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0-29 miles
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60+ miles

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START LOCATION: Northwest corner of Nordhoff and Etiwanda in Northridge (CSUN Parking Lot B1) Note: parking on north side of Nordhoff no longer available*
START TIME: 8:00 AM sharp (unless otherwise specified in Remarks below)
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Date Ride Miles  Elev. (ft)  Rating  Ride No.  Hits  Remarks
MAR 7 SAT  POMELO’S DELIGHT  28, 42  5331,556  1, 2  132133  31, 33   Orientation Rides, with a "coach", are held on the first Saturday of the month. This is a "No Drop" ride. Orientation ride
LA CANADA LOOP  52  1,759  400  73  
THOUSAND OAKS  64  3,354  836  80  
DESERT WILDFLOWER CENTURY  100  6,664  356  42  
MAR 8 SUN  CALABASAS CUSS & FUSS  25  750  116  39   The Compagni Group is ideal for new riders wanting to gain group ride experience, get acquainted with other cyclists at a similar level of skill and ability, and for those wanting to build a fitness base to move up to more challenging cycling experiences. For the less experienced cyclists this group experience allows for learning how to navigate and share the roadways with cars. More experienced cyclists are welcome to join the group and use it as a recovery ride. The Compagni rides will hold an average pace of 11-12mph with stops as needed so all riders can regroup. The Compagni Group will be lead by Kathy Heath and Bob Alonzi who will emphasize safety and group ride etiquette and skills. These moderate paced Compagni routes offer cyclists an opportunity to get acquainted with other riders and benefit from the support of a group cycling experience. Compagni (No Drop) Ride 
SIMI VALLEY+WOOD RANCH  48  2,329  803  20  
  • Helmets are required on all SFVBC rides
  • We encourage riding with a flashing red taillight
  • Do not ride with ear buds in both ears
  • No electric-assist or motorized bikes
  • Minors welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • To download route slips, click on the corresponding ride number above. Slips are in PDF format, and are available online 1 week prior to the ride.
  • To download detailed maps and elevation profiles, click on the ride elevation. The link will take you to, where you can also download Garmin .gpx and .tcx files (click on the Export tab).
In road bike slang, a "bagwell" refers to what?
A A triangle of road debris in an intersection B Hanging off the back, then sprinting to win a race C A long trip for which a rider has adequately prepared Answer
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