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Welcome to the San Fernando Valley Bicycle Club website. We are a multi-level, endurance road bike club with about 400 members. We offer a variety of rides every Saturday and Sunday, and if you're visiting LA and happen to have your bike along, we offer some of the best riding in SoCal. Please come out and join us.
-Randy Lawrence, Ride Director 
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January 10 and 24 - The Compagni Group ride. Join us in our new twice monthly group ride. More details on our rides page.

January 17 – Buster’s Coffee Cruise – Another our our monthly Sunday rides leaving from Valley College.

February 13 - Tour Of Two Topanga Tops - My favorite local canyon ride.

February 14 and February 28 - The Compagni Group ride. Join us in our new twice monthly group ride. More details on our rides page.

February 21 ­Joe Gets Joe ­ A new ride and another of our monthly Sunday rides leaving from Valley College.

March 1 - Thousand Oaks - This is a fun ride were we actually count the oaks to see if there are 1000.

March 13 and 27 - The Compagni Group ride. Join us in our new twice monthly group ride. More details on our rides page.

March 19 - Simi Valley and Big Sky Rides - Our rides head over to Simi today. There¹s something for everyone.

March 20 - Montrose Memories - A new ride and another of our monthly Sunday rides leaving from Valley College.

- RandyUnclipped
In this blog, our Ride Director offers a glimpse into his cycling stream of consciousness.

Compagni - Gelsons'sLITTLE TOKYO LAYOVER Due to the enduring popularity of Jory Gorcey's non-club Sunday rides leaving from his house in Sherman Oaks, Randy decided to show East Valley members some respect and either 1) Initiate a moderately-paced ride from that end, or 2) Rename the club 'WSFVBC". That didn't fit on a jersey, so a new ride was born. The first edition stopped for Japanese pastries in downtown L.A.'s Little Tokyo neighborhood (above), and by most accounts it was a big success. The plan is to make it the third Sunday of every month, leaving from the parking lot of L.A. Valley College in North Hollywood. Photo: Mark Reden or surrogate
CONGRATULATIONS TO NEW CLUB OFFICERS! President-Elect Maria Carrillo and Vice President, Development - Elect Neil Berstein will assume office March 1st to open a new chapter in SFVBC's storied history. They sat in on a board meeting this week to observe democracy in action and discuss big plans in the works for 2016. Stay tuned.

for their service as conjoined Vice Presidents, Development for 2015. Both brought hard work and focus to board meetings over the past year during a tenure filled with changes in direction for the club.

The following list of rules, which have been unofficial for as long as anyone can remember, was made official by board action in September 2015 as the club "credo". Mostly common sense, the rules are nonetheless critical to members' safety. The board is currently formulating a policy for expulsion from the club in cases of egregious/repeated violations:

  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Be courteous and "ride friendly"
  • Don’t usurp anyone’s right of way
  • Represent our club and the sport of cycling well
  • Hold your line
  • Ride safely and predictably
  • Call and point out road hazards
  • Help each other out with flats and mechanicals
  • Respect regroup points and break locations
  • Let someone know if you intend to deviate from the route

SFVBC T-Shirt THIS IS AN ATTRACTIVE T-SHIRT, ISN'T IT? Wouldn't you like to own one? If you're a club member, you can - just log in and order online using PayPal or any major credit card. Why am I bringing this up now? Because all sizes are in stock!

    WHAT'S COMING UP in the way of longer, organized rides - centuries, randonees, & bike tours - in the southwestern U.S.? Check out the Western States Bicycle Ride Calendar for latest info.

Do you take ride photos or have a great biking story to share? Send 'em in! You could win the most important prize of all - the respect and admiration of your fellow cyclists!

For those who are new to group rides, SFVBC offers a “no drop” ride on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. This no drop ride is intended to acquaint cyclists with the skills for riding as part of a group, meet riders of equal ability to give them riding partners for any Saturday or Sunday SFVBC group rides. The Compagni Group Ride averages 12 mph over a 25-30 mile course. It is not a beginner’s ride and requires a fitness level comparable to riding at least an average of 12 mph over 15 miles and approximately 2 hours of riding. The Compagni Group Ride is lead by Bob Alonzi and Kathy Heath who emphasize safety and group riding skills to help riders prepare to join more challenging SFVBC group rides (Look for the Compagni Group Ride).

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START LOCATION: Northwest corner of Nordhoff and Etiwanda in Northridge (CSUN Parking Lot B1) Note: parking on north side of Nordhoff no longer available*
START TIME: 8:00 AM sharp (unless otherwise specified in Remarks below)
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Date Ride Miles  Elev. (ft)  Rating  Ride No.  Hits  Remarks
FEB 6 SAT  TARZANA TREK  25  483  108  68   Orientation Rides, with a "coach", are held on the first Saturday of the month. This is a "No Drop" ride. Orientation ride
TAMPA TREAT  37  895  101  72  
WESTWOOD WANDER  37  2,220  521  97  
SOMIS SOPRESA  68  2,554  813  94  
VENTURA/OXNARD CENTURY  100  2,980  849  48  
FEB 7 SUN  RAMBLE REAL CAMINO EL  27  482  167  90  
  • Helmets are required on all SFVBC rides
  • We encourage riding with a flashing red taillight
  • Do not ride with ear buds in both ears
  • No electric-assist or motorized bikes
  • Minors welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • To download route slips, click on the corresponding ride number above. Slips are in PDF format, and are available online 1 week prior to the ride.
  • To download detailed maps and elevation profiles, click on the ride elevation. The link will take you to, where you can also download Garmin .gpx and .tcx files (click on the Export tab).
Lance Armstrong won his last Tour in a record average speed of nearly 26 mph. Yet for the entire race, two parts of his bicycle were at a dead stop. What were they? Answer
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