Ride Schedule
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Ride Schedule
START LOCATION: Northwest corner of Nordhoff and Etiwanda in Northridge (CSUN Parking Lot B1)*
Map to Ride Start
To download route slips, click on the corresponding ride number below. Slips are in PDF format, and are available online 1 week prior to the ride. Click on ride elevation for more ride data. Please send all route sheet corrections here.
*unless otherwise specified. See remarks below. For Monday and Wednesday rides, see below in "General Info".
July Miles  Elev. (ft)  Rating (a)  Ride No.  Hits  Remarks 
JUL 4 SAT  ENCINO EXPRESS  25, 49, 49     486, 1,195, 1,195   1, 2, 2   148, 149, 149   Orientation Rides, with a "coach", are held on the first Saturday of the month. 
HIDDEN VALLEY  68     3,014   4   728    
COOL BREEZE CENTURY  98     3,536   5   705    
JUL 5 SUN  ARLETA ATTACK  27, 40     281, 1,212   1, 2   188, 189    
JUL 11 SAT  CLASSIEST CALABASAS  27, 42     905, 1,437   1, 2   180A, 180B    
WESTLAKE/NORTH RANCH  59     2,817   3   868    
DECKER DESCENT  64     -   4   748A    
BEACH CANYON CLIMBS  87     5,369   5   758    
JUL 12 SUN  SHERMAN OAKS SHUFFLE  27     373   1   128    
SHERMAN OAKS/GRIFFITH PARK  51     1,456   3   174   (b) Compagni Ride  
JUL 18 SAT  EL CAMINO REAL RAMBLE  25, 47     477, 1,015   1, 2   168, 169    
AGOURA HILLS  48     2,255   3   859    
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST  60     4,170   4   717    
POINT MUGU CENTURY  96     3,683   5   722    
JUL 19 SUN  TOUR OF THE TARZANA T’S  25     674   1   110    
BREAKFAST AT IZZY’S  46     1,896   3   606    
JUL 25 SAT  TARZANA TREK  25, 41     483, 849   1, 2   108, 109    
AGOURA CORRIDOR  54, 63     2,166, 3,162   3, 4   856, 857    
ENCINAL EXPRESS  54     4,103   4   770   (c) 8:00AM Start 
MASOCHIST’S MIRTH TO ENCINAL CANYON  80     5,556   5   714    
JUL 26 SUN  CHAT “WHERE’S THE WATER” LAKE  25     386   1   120   (b) Compagni Ride  
TOUR OF TWO TOPANGA TOPS  45     1,960   3   741    
(a) Orientation Rides, with a "coach", are held on the first Saturday of the month. This is a "No Drop" ride.
(b) Compagni Group Ride. For those who are new to group rides, SFVBC offers a "no drop" ride on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. This no drop ride is intended to acquaint cyclists with the skills for riding as part of a group, meet riders of equal ability to give them riding partners for any Saturday or Sunday SFVBC group rides. The Compagni Group Ride averages 12 mph over a 25-30 mile course. It is not a beginner's ride and requires a fitness level comparable to riding at least an average of 12 mph over 15 miles and approximately 2 hours of riding. The Compagni Group Ride is lead by Bob Alonzi and Kathy Heath who emphasize safety and group riding skills to help riders prepare to join more challenging SFVBC group rides (Look for the ).
(c) Remote start from the Calabasas Commons. 101 north (west), exit Valley Circle/Mulholland Drive. Left over the bridge and right on Calabasas Road. Left on Park Granada to the first light. Right at the light into center. Ride start 8am.
Monday & Wednesday Rides (2 start times: slower riders @ 8:15, faster riders @ 8:30)
Every Mon. SIMI VALLEY VENTURE + BIG SKY 41 2,649 3 801B   Start at the Western Bagel in Northridge. 19500 Plummer Street.
MOORPARK 49 2,429 3 821A   "
Every Wed. AGOURA CORRIDOR FROM WOODLAND HILLS 31 1,747 2 854A   Start at CVS -- 23357 Mulholland in the mall South of San Luis
General Info
Starting Time & Location: Unless otherwise noted, all SFVBC rides start from the CSUN (California State University Northridge) campus Parking Lot “B1” at the northwest corner of Nordhoff Street and Etiwanda Avenue promptly at 8:00 AM. Park "offsite" and ride over to avoid the $4 parking fee (there is always ample parking on Nordhoff at that time).

It's a Grind
It's a Grind in Moorpark.

Monday Rides

Sometimes riding once or even twice weekly isn't enough. For those who want to put in an additional day in the saddle, the Monday ride may be just the thing for you.

There's always a rest stop featuring coffee and pastries. The ride starts at Western Bagel, 19500 Plummer St. Fast riders leave at 8:30 am, intermediate and slower groups at 8:15 am, except intermediate riders start at 7:30 am in the summer. The usual rest stop is the Corner Bakery in Simi Town Center, although the fast and slow groups sometimes ride to It’s A Grind in Moorpark.

The ability to go over Santa Susana Pass (twice) is a must. Route slips shown above are only rough guides (inquire at start).

Wednesday ne'er-do-wells taking up patio space at Champagne French Bakery in Westlake.
Wednesday Rides

The Club has an increasing number of ne'er do wells, retirees, hooky-players, and, well, bums, who are available for rides on days other than weekends. If you're available for a fun ride of 30 to 50 miles, the Wednesday ride may be just for you.

The fast (really fast) and slower groups leave the CVS at 23357 Mulholland Drive, in the mall south of Avenue San Luis, at 8:30 am and 8:15 am (8 am in the summer for the slower group), respectively. The intermediate group leaves from Albertsons (meet near the right rear of the lot) at Agoura Road and Las Virgenes at 8 am, 7:30 am in summer, most riding through Hidden Valley. The destination for all is Westlake.

Return is around noon, depending on mileage and how many goodies you consume at the Corner Bakery or the Champagne French Bakery in Westlake. The routes may vary from the route slips shown above (inquire at start).

- Bob Winning, Randy Lawrence, & Bud Bates

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